Unbox Small Business IT Solution

The DTS Unbox delivers the essentials that small businesses need most, at an affordable price.

Meanwhile, millions of businesses with 5 to 25 employees are often forced to put up with inferior IT infrastructure due to the high cost of enterprise-grade equipment. Even if your company isn’t ready for a full-time IT person, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing someone you trust is watching your network 24/7.

You can also afford better technology than you can get using consumer or home-office devices that you buy at a box store. DanTech Services now offers a service designed to improve the quality of your Wi-Fi, security, backup, and overall network performance with no upfront equipment costs, and no learning curve. We’ll manage it for you via the cloud, with fewer billable site calls than you need now.


• Consumer gear doesn’t offer the features, and enterprise-class gear is too expensive
• No one onsite to troubleshoot issues
• Poor network reliability impacts operations
• Backup methods aren’t secure enough
• Wi-Fi coverage or performance is spotty
• Compliance concerns


• Reliable: “Enterprise-class” equipment
• Affordable: Monthly subscription w/ no upfront equipment cost
• Local support by the IT consultants you trust
• Secure: Automatically analyzes, protects against bad actors
• Expandable: Most services do not need additional hardware
• Evergreen: Hardware is eligible for replacement every 3 years
• 1 solution for Wi-Fi, storage, security, management
• Predictable IT costs, fewer costly surprises
• Leverage the cloud
• Automated backup and security enhances quality

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