Co-Managed IT Services

Many businesses hire Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to get the IT hours, resources and expertise they need to function.

Outsourcing some or all of IT can allow businesses to eliminate or reduce the need to pay for in-house IT employees and the many expenses that come with hiring full-time positions.

But, many companies don’t need or want to outsource all of their IT needs. Some just need extra support for their already established in-house IT departments. That’s where Co-managed IT services comes in. This kind of arrangement allows businesses to bring on only the IT resources needed and nothing more.

You may benefit from working with an MSP that provides Co-Managed IT services if:

  • Your IT staff is limited in size or experience
  • Your in-house IT team is overworked
  • Your in-house IT team lacks experience with an upcoming initiative

If you think you are ready to look into this option here is what you will get with DanTech Co-Managed IT Services:

  • Network operations center (NOC): DanTech Services offers 24×7 monitoring of your critical infrastructure, along with the ability to create customized incident response plans.   
  • Service desk: DanTech Services operates a 24×7 service desk that can provide Tier 1 support to your end users or can act as an escalation point for your internal help desk (Tiers 2 and 3).
  • Patch and asset management: DanTech Services offers patch and asset management solutions that can include both remotely administered and on-premise aspects. You can offload some of the more mundane aspects of managing infrastructure and end user computing devices, so your IT team can focus on more strategic initiatives.
  • Security monitoring and threat protection: DanTech Services offers vulnerability management, security information and event monitoring, mobile device management, intrusion detection/prevention, identity management, e-mail security and endpoint protection solutions to protect your IT environment.
  • Backup and recovery services: DanTech Services designs and offers state-of-the-art backup and recovery solutions that provide peace of mind in the event of business interruption or catastrophic events.

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