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DanTech Services has partnered with MailProtector to provide our Customer’s with an expanded set of email services.

Mailprotector empowers you with a full arsenal of Cloud-based email security, management and hosting services sold exclusively through the channel. Offering one source for everything email for over 15 years, Mailprotector has proven to be a trusted partner and vital asset to businesses around the world.

As a DanTech customer here is what you will get with our MailProtector service.

CloudFilter stops the junk and lets the good email through. Messages which contain offensive, harmful, or policy violating content are held in quarantine, while any good messages continue on their way to the end user.

CloudFilter can be working for you in less than an hour. All it takes is a quick MX record change on your mail server to direct your email through our secure filtering systems.

SecureStore is email archiving feature. There are no storage or retention limits! An archived copy of all incoming, outgoing, and internal email. Users can access their archive anytime to search and send stored mail via the secure and fast web console. If your business is subject to certain compliance regulations, SecureStore provides a protection point that allows users to delete local emails yet giving management the knowledge that emails are protected in the archive.

Bracket. People generally don’t like to install things that have to be updated, they don’t like creating accounts for things they only rarely use, and they especially hate having to remember passwords. People simply want things to work without having to jump through lots of hoops.

Mailprotector engineered and designed Bracket to be the ideal encryption product. Bracket still lets you securely send encrypted email containing corporate and financial data, personal info, legal docs, medical records, but it’s so much easier for people to use. Keep reading to see why you should be excited.

Test Your Email Security!

Mailprotector provides a great tool to test your email security. Go to: 

We encourage you to test yours. It’s a simple process that asks for your email address, which sends you an email to which you simply reply.

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