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DTS Shield

Finally, a service solution to protect your network & data that’s cost effective, flexible, scalable, and usable! 

DanTech Services delivers DTS Shield.

Kick tape drives out the door! Get rid of inferior and infuriating costly backup solutions! We provide the quickest data recovery on the market, guaranteed! Your data is protected with both local and offsite replication while your network gets protected by the best in perimeter security.

See a side-by-side comparison of server recovery! Our solution is geared towardsBusiness Continuity with the added benefit of our Unified Threat Management service. In today’s data-driven, technology-aided society, the value of your business has as much to do with your data as with your inventory, assets and customers! 

With DTS Shield, we add layers of protection into your system that are solid, cost effective and have a total cost of ownership that drops to the bottom line! With DTS Shieldyour business gets the best in services—and support!

DTS Shield is a layered security approach specifically designed for small businesses, many of which do not have adequate tech support. Protecting your business network and data provides the insurance and assurance that your business can grow and prosper without the concerns of losing data due to security breach, malware, or theft.

Through this layered approach, we use four primary layers–each of which has its own components, all of this having a minimum of disruption to normal activities. 

Layer One: Network Protection through a Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) that provides Intrusion Protection, Gateway Anti-Virus, Application Control, Bandwidth Management, and other essential network services.

Layer Two: Data Protection through an Image-based, rapid recovery Business Continuity service that provides both Local and Remote data protection and retention.

Layer Three: Premium DNS Service that provides both local and remote users with reliable name service with security protections that virtually eliminate access to Internet sites that distribute malware. This service also provides Content Filtering Service to limit access to time-wasting and inappropriate content.

Layer Four: User Knowledge Education provides practical knowledge, training and testing on email and Internet use. This training shows users how to guard against the Social Engineering threats that are pervasive in email, phone calls, web pop-ups, and in-person visits where malicious or malevolent purposes are being disguised by seemingly logical requests, questions, or threats.

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